The King of Wrath
Name Saga
Kanji サガ
Romanji Saga
Personal Status
Birthdate August 31
Age 3700+ At his death
Gender Male
Height 7,0
Weight 400lbs of Pure Muscle
Blood Type AB
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Unknown
Affiliation The Six Great Mantra Kings

Saga(サガ, Saga) was one of The Six Great Mantra Kings and the brother of Fudo, who was also known as "The Sage of Six Paths". Of the two brothers, Saga was the elder sibling, and it is heavily implied throughout the series that Saga is the most powerful member of the Mantra Kings, surpassing even his younger brother, despite the fact that they were viewed as equals throughout their lifetimes. Unlike Fudo, Saga has only ever had one reincarnation. Among the six kings, Saga held the infamous title of The God Emperor of Wrath(怒りの神, Lit. Ikari no Kami) due to his incredible anger and wrath-based power he used while in combat against his enemies. 


It isn't known what Saga looked like in his youth. But towards the end of his life he dressed in an extremely menacing and demonic suit of armor which hid all of his human features including his facial features and hair. This armor was colored red and had a helmet sporting two large horns which later became his infamous trademark while in battle. When not in battle, Saga would wear a large mantle that is draped over his shoulders. He was also famed for his incredible huge stature, earning himself the title of "Saga the Giant" throughout the world. Saga's true face has not been revealed as of yet, and in such a right, he is highly similar to his younger brother Fudo, the sage of the six paths, also being leagues taller than him.




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