Name Vlitra
Kanji 脅威
Romanji Buritora
Personal Status
Birthdate Unknown
Age Ageless
Gender Male
Height Many Meters
Weight Hundreds of Tons
Blood Type None
Affiliation Neo Akatsuki
Occupation Tailed Beast
Team Neo Akatsuki
Partner Rasetsu
Classification Bijuu

Vlitra(脅威, Buritora) also known as the Twelve Tailed Dragon Tiger(尾獣, Junibi no Ryutora) is the Tailed Beast that is sealed within Rasetsu. Unlike the nine tailed beast, Vlitra is unrelated to them and has no connection to the Ten Tailed Beast. Instead, Vlitra was created by Rasetsu himself, using "Creation of All Things" as a medium for Vlitra's birth. 

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